Matrimonial and family matters, we are here to help

MMP Solicitors are experienced members of the Law Society, specialising in all aspects of matrimonial and family law. All of our qualified lawyers are happy to give empathetic and professional advice to support you through your ordeal.

Divorce, separation and child care

If you’re dealing with a divorce or separation, we can advise and discuss your options with you to conclude matters as quickly and amicably as possible. We work to resolve issues with child maintenance and parental custody with a sympathetic and supportive approach. In circumstances where this is not possible, we can advise on the best options available to you, helping you to apply for a residence order if necessary.

At times the best solution is to apply for a contact order (formerly called access) to determine how much contact the child has with the other parent.

Financial settlements and cohabitation

It is necessary at times to use the court’s procedure if the other party refuses to co-operate or an amicable agreement can’t be met. We will attempt to resolve any financial disputes out of court where we can and will discuss your options with you to ensure the best outcome.

We are family law experts and will help with:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Financial disputes
  • Child care
  • Co-habitation
  • Accredited family law specialist